Am I the only one who’s finding Mako really immature in regards to relationships?



He really needs to pick between Korra and Asami. He’s not thinking about how much he’s hurting them both, and he just needs to pick one of them and deal with it.

Hahahahaha… shut up.

Korra and Asami just need to have The Talk. And then Mako can go and brood with Angel and Edward and the others, and no one will have to care about him ever again, the end.

Asami: “Listen, Korra… do you like Mako as more than a friend?”
Korra: “I… thought I did.”
Asami: “But… now you don’t? What happened?”
Korra: “…I met you.”
Asami: “…”
Korra: “…”
Asami: ::jumps Korra::

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