USWNT drinking game

So, with the USWNT game vs. Sweden happening tonight, I am incredibly excited (obviously). However, I generally start drinking around 9PM (yep, easterner here). Anyway, I’ve decided to try and blend the two. Because, yes, I will be sitting in the kitchen with my friends while watching the live stream on my laptop…. so why not make a drinking game?

Of course, it was hard to figure one out without it leading to my death (one idea was to drink when ever Ali Krieger does something badass… I don’t think I have to explain to you all why that would be a bad idea.)

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Drink whenever Sweden misses a shot.

2. Drink when offsides is called.

3. Drink for a corner kick.

4. Drink whenever the US knocks a Swedish player to the ground.

5. Take two drinks if the US misses a shot.

6. Take a shot for a red card.

7. Finish your drink for a goal (for or against).

8. Finish your drink and take a shot if Abby scores using her head.

9. Take a shot for a Rapinoe (sideline) celebration.

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