If and when the new Lord Rahl should claim the throne, we’ll decide if he’s worthy of our services.

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Favorite Lesbian Ships - Cara/Dahlia - Legend of the Seeker
Cara: Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd are my family.
Dahlia: They hardly know you. They can’t love you like I do.

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I have a strange urge to write fanfiction for the first time in a few years…

I just don’t know what I want to write…

If any of my lovely followers are interested in giving me a ship/prompt… go ahead

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Deleted Scene “What Could Have Been”

Cara, let me love you.

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FAVORITE NOT-STRAIGHT LADIES OF TV » Cara Mason [Legend of the Seeker]

“you once told me that it’s a hard world, and we don’t get many chances to tell people how much they mean to us.  there is no one a mord sith should hate more than a confessor.  i was trained to hate you…but i don’t.  and i don’t want to die without you knowing that i consider you to be my friend.”

so much fucking UNF

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It’s been a week, and I’m still a wreck

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How do I begin to explain Cara Mason?

I will forever hate that this show was cancelled. However, I will always love when some of my favorite things get blended together.

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